To make air travel safer, airlines and airports have instituted new health and safety protocols, such as face masks and temperature checks, and All Nippon Airways is no different. In the links below you will find information from ANA Airways regarding refunds, rebookings, safety measures taken and much more. 

Flight information and guidelines for refunds and cancellations from All Nippon Airways. 

The link below has all the information you need about changing your ticket, refunds and cancellations with All Nippon Airways .
Click here for information about refunds and cancellations from Nippon Airways

Information regarding All Nippon Airways hygiene measures, before and after flight.

The link below has information regarding what measures All Nippon Airways has taken before, during and after your flight to protect their passengers and staff.
Click here for information regarding safety onboard ANA flights, and on the ground.

Information from All Nippon Airways about entry restrictions into Japan and regions outside of Japan, airport handling, on-board handling and more. 

Here you can find the latest information provided by All Nippon Airways regarding entry restrictions and airport- and on-board handling, and much more. 
Read more about entry restrictions and other useful information.